its all about me, me, me!

white + indigenous
omni, gaybian, nonbnary, demiboy
he/they/it + more
intp/isfp, chaotic/neutral evil, 6w5, cancer☉, virgo ☾, virgo ↑
i have autism, depression, bpd, npd, ppd, avpd, and rsd

drama, art, reading, music, plushies, paganism, hoarding, my special intrests/hyperfixiations, cartoons/animeloud noises, school, social interactions, embarassing myself, certian textures/smells, everybody and everything/hj
im blunt, i need tone tags, im bad at responding, im very forgetful, i can be distant if i dont know u well, i vent a lot, i may post gore/bloodbasic dni criteria (homophobes, racists, ect), exclus, fatphobic, openly dislike any of my spins or special interests, radfem/terf, capitalist/republican

Anarcho commie
irl vampire, changeling, fallen angel, and hologram/srs
theistic satanist, pantheist, and pagan
melancholic-choleric, LII, sp/so, and RLUEI, existentialist
irl of vampire cookie, dora tamamoto, izuru kamukura, Gabriel, Gwen pool, and rosemary walten/srs